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We have thoroughly enjoyed having the chicks with us for the last few days and can’t believe how much they have grown! The Reception and Nursery children all wrote suggestions for the chicks’ names and we picked the winners out of a hat. We named the boys Lou and Spencer, and the girls we called Rhiannon, Chick and Katie. The Nursery children all had chance to give them a little cuddle and they were all very good at being quiet and gentle so as not to scare them. Unfortunately it is time for them to go home now as they are getting too big for their brooder box and need more space to move around.

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We have had a very exciting couple of days due to the arrival of our incubator! On Monday the incubator was delivered complete with six eggs. Yesterday morning we arrived at school to discover that two of the eggs had hatched into beautiful, but a bit wet and wobbly, chicks. The chicks spent the day in the incubator to give them a chance to dry out and get a bit stronger. By the end of the day three more of the eggs were starting to crack and we could see a couple of little beaks poking through!

This morning when we got to school we were greeted by the chirps of two more chicks. The first ones to be born were looking strong and fluffy so we have transferred them to the brooder where they can move around, eat and drink.

We had a bit of drama this morning as one of the chicks appeared to be stuck in his shell. He had been trying to peck his way out for nearly 24 hours but did not seem to be making any progress. We rang the lady who had delivered the eggs and she suggested running the egg under the warm tap and gently pulling the shell away from the chick. Mrs Bromhall played the role of chick midwife assisted by Miss Sheppard and Miss Kedge. It was a tricky procedure but luckily the chick seemed fine afterwards and is now recuperating from his ordeal in the incubator.

This week the children have been sharing the stories of ‘The Enormous Watermelon’ and ‘The Enormous Turnip’ at Nursery. They have tasted lots of different fruit including some they hadn’t seen before such as strar fruit, pommegranite, mango and watermelon. The children used lots of good language to describe the fruits’ appearance and taste. We have also done some vegetable printing  which was great fun and would be a good activity to try at home. Tomorrow we are going to make fruit salad.

Click on this link if you would like to hear the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’.

This week we have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have shared several different versions of the story, watched an animated version and joined in with Pie Corbett’s version with lots of actions. Our student teacher, Miss Kettridge, has done lots of lovely activities with us including:  making bread;  collecting sticks, twigs, feathers and grass outside and using them to make bird’s nests; and creating beautiful collage pictures of the characters from the story.

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