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As school is closed due to bad weather again today, here are some ideas for activities you can do at home with your child:

Tracks in the Snow

Have a look outside at all the different tracks in the snow. Can you guess who they belong to? There might be tracks left by people, birds, foxes, cars, sledges, pets etc.

Get everyone in the family to make footprints in the snow and compare them. Whose footprint is the biggest/smallest? Are the patterns on everybodies footprints the same/different? Why?

Can you make 10/20/30 footprints in the snow, counting as you go and then counting the footprints afterwards?

Use a stick to practise mark-making in the snow. Can you make straight and wavy lines? Can you draw big and small circles? Can you draw pictures in the snow? Have a go at writing your name and some numbers too.

Experimenting with Snow

Collect some snow in a small container. Talk about what it looks/feels/smells like? What happens as we handle the snow? Why?

Experiment with putting small containers of snow in different parts of the house/garden to see where it melts the quickest. You could try putting them near a radiator, in the fridge, in the freezer, in the garden etc.

Snow Animals

Use the internet and any books you have at home to find out about animals that live in snowy places. You could write a list of these animals and draw a picture of your favourite snow animal.

Snowy Pictures

Create snowy pictures in any way you want to. You could draw, paint, chalk or cut and stick to make your picture. Think about the colours you are using and talk about your picture with a grown up.

Have a nice day and be careful in the snow. Hopefully see you all tomorrow!


Hi I hope all the children have fun in the snow today, but if you need some ideas for activities to do at home you could click on the links below.

For online games, songs, video clips:

For activity ideas and printable resources:

Other activities to be getting on with at home include:

Practising self – help skills such as dressing and undressing independently.

Practising writing their names.

Anything involving counting.

Sharing stories and rhymes.

‘I Spy’ games


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