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Best man, groom, bride and vicar

We had lots of fun this week at nursery learning about weddings and preparing for our own royal wedding and street party.

The bride and her father walking down the aisle


The groom and best man


The Bridesmaids



This week the certificate was awarded to Ayden Smith.  Ayden is a really good boy at nursery who tries his best and always ‘does the right thing’.  Ayden has taken Billy Bear home with him for the weekend so we will see what he gets up to on Monday.  So far Billy’s having a great time. He’s been to a wedding, the cinema, out for meals and visited lots of nans and grandads as well as cuddling up to lots of children at bedtime.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write about Billy and for all the lovely photos too.   We’ll have to wait and see who is really good next week so we can choose who Billy is going to spend Easter with.


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  • Mel B.: Charlie loves the story of The Little Red Hen and really enjoyed making the bread!
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