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This half term our topic in Nursery is going to be ‘Our Favourite Things’.  The first week back we had a brainstorming session in our key worker groups and all of the children told us what their favourite things are.  Some of the ideas we had were: Thomas the Tank Engine, Baby Dolls, Princesses, Peppa Pig, Racing Cars, Toy Story.

We intend to plan activities based on some of the interests the children have expressed and this week we are talking about Thomas the Tank Engine and trains in general.  We are going to be reading Thomas stories, watching a Thomas video and discussing the characters’ feelings, building a giant Thomas and some of his friends, and using trains and carriages in our Maths work.  If you have any Thomas books or toys that your child would like to bring in to share with us then please feel free to send them in.

Last week we also showed the children how to use the digital camera and they all had the chance to take photos of their favourite things in Nursery.  We will be putting their photos up on display in cloakroom area soon.

The children were asked what they would like the role-play area to be this half term and they voted on us changing it into a hairdressers.  They have really enjoyed being customers, hair stylists and receptionists and the imagination and language they have been using in their role-play has been fantastic.  If you have any resources we could use, such as old hair magazines, brushes, combs, hair slides, empty shampoo bottles, we would be very grateful.  Here are some photos of the children this week:



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  • Mel B.: Charlie loves the story of The Little Red Hen and really enjoyed making the bread!
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