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We have been learning about how fire fighters help us. We watched fireman Sam and read lots of books to help us learn about what fire fighters do.

We made a fire engine out of a large cardboard box.

We were fantastic at role playing and pretending to be fire fighters and we built fire hoses out of building blocks.

We spoke about how to keep safe if there is a fire and how to prevent a fire and used these ideas in our role play.

”Hello, this is the fire fighter, please make sure you call 999 if there is another fire and switch your smoke alarm on!”
We even tried on a real firefighter helmet.
Well done nursery children, you have learnt lots about fire fighters this week and you have done lots of fantastic role play!

This week we have been doing lots of writing activities…..

We are getting really good at writing our names and we love using our new whiteboards and pens. Our letter of the week has been ‘n’ and we now know what sound it makes and have been practising writing it lots.

We have also enjoyed some messy mark making in the shaving foam which was great fun. We tried hard to make shapes and write our names in it. We also use the sand trays to practice writing the first letter of our names and the letter of the week.

In our numeracy lesson we looked to see what shapes we could see in the classroom. We had some really good ideas and found lots!
We found rectangles and squares….

And lots of circles…
Well done children you have all worked really hard this week.


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